Does Your Online Presence Set Your Practice Up to Thrive?
Chaz Puett

Dentists often wonder if it’s beneficial to their practice to invest in their website and search engine optimisation services (SEO).

While you may feel like most of your patients find you through word of mouth, in today’s digital environment, it’s never been more important to stand out, even with word-of-mouth referrals.

Let’s take a look at how your website and SEO services may benefit your dental clinic.

What Does Your Website Say About You?

Let’s go back to those word-of-mouth referrals. Is it likely that your prospective patient will automatically call you just based on a recommendation from friends and family alone? Not in today’s world.

What’s more apt to happen is that they will go home and search for more information about your dental clinic online. Most people want to learn a little more about a prospective dentist and their clinic and see what types of services they offer before they arrange an appointment.

A friendly and informative website with pictures and relevant content, and maybe even some videos will provide this information for them and could even close the deal for you.

When was the last time you engaged or communicated with your patient base through a blog post? Do you have new services or technology you’d like to tell patients about? Could you share some new photos of updates you’ve made to your clinic, or introduce new people who have joined your team? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your website, it might be time to make some changes.

Often, patients may compare your practice with others in the area that pop up during their online search. Ensuring that your website is as engaging and reader-friendly as possible could make the difference in setting you apart from other dentists in your market.

Patient Loyalty and Retention

Your website is also a great tool to help with patient recall and reactivation. When patients can easily book their appointments online, it is simple for them to stay on track with their preventive teeth cleanings and check-ups, thus improving their dental health.

You can also use your website to communicate the significance of these appointments with service pages focused on preventive care or treatment for gum disease. Sharing information about how oral health relates to your patients’ overall well-being can help them make their dental appointments a priority.

How Does SEO Help You Attract New Patients?

SEO is an ongoing process requiring a commitment over months or even years and it is ever-changing. Having engaging and relevant content could help you rank higher with Google, which means that it’s easier for new patients to find you.

Consider your own internet searching habits. Are you likely to explore websites that don’t appear on the first page of the search? Most of us are not. This is what makes SEO critical to help you achieve one of the coveted top spots on the first page of Google.

It’s important, however, to keep your content updated, keyword-optimised, and reader-friendly, to enhance the effectiveness of your SEO and help you claim your top spot with Google.

If you don’t have time to monitor and update your SEO regularly, it may be a good idea to think about some professional assistance.  

Chaz Puett
Chaz graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Business Management. Chaz started as an intern with GDW but over the years has expanded into many roles within the company. Chaz is very excited about his new role working with our Asia and Pacific clients while being based in Sydney. He spends most of his free time with his young son Charlie and wife Analisa. He also enjoys time on the golf course, playing the guitar and enjoying the great outdoors.

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