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3 Foundations of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO can be really effective when it’s used correctly. Here are some of the fundamental principles you should know about SEO and how you can use it for your business.

Software Update: Technology Page UI Overhaul

We decided that enough time had passed since we first introduced the technology page, so we were past due for a revisit. You’ll notice that the changes are minor, but they include an updated layout, as well as adding integrations to other areas of the website! You can still add an image showcasing the piece […]

Software Update: Contact Page Expansion

This is a big one! The Contact Page overhaul gave a big face lift to this page and makes the contact page feel more individualised and utilises our location specific integrations for our multi-location websites.  For this overhaul we added new features such as a banner image option, office photos and first visit page integration, […]

Use It or Lose It: Maximising Dental Benefits

Since most private dental insurance plans run on a calendar year, this is a great time to remind your patients about outstanding treatment they might need. Typically, their 2020 benefit dollars will not roll over into 2021.

Software Update: Multi-Location Organization

One of our most recent initiatives included an overhaul of our header and footer areas of the website to create an adaptive and a more user-friendly experience for multi-location dental offices.

Picking the Right Look for your Website

Having a quality website for your practice is extremely important these days. Your website is the first impression you are giving to potential patients so showing them your originality while also displaying your competence will give you a leg up against your competitors. The Visual Hook Chances are that the first glance someone takes at […]

Construct Your Service Page: Clean & Patient Friendly

While there are many components of a site in which you need to consider, I often see people miss the mark on the service overview pages.

Patient Search Patterns & The COVID Pandemic

COVID had major impacts on search behavior. Learn more about the changes and how they effect your website.

Google Update: Google Guarantee Badge

What is the Google Guarantee Badge? We're keeping close eyes on this new feature. Learn more here.

The Value of Preserving Your Online Presence

Results in SEO and PPC do not happen overnight, so it's essential to maintain campaigns in order to fully benefit.

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