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We know it's crucial to track and monitor marketing efforts to maximise your efficiency and grow your practice. Whether you are utilising various marketing services like digital advertising or SEO or you have no idea where to start with your marketing efforts, GDW is here to help.
Actionable Plans
Marketing Review
Practice Assessment
Practice Playbook

Understand Where You Stand

Actionable Plans
Each call, you’ll be given “take-home” resources and recommendations that give you tangible objectives to grow your practice. This homework will help you improve your online presence.
Marketing Review
Every 90 days you will review the progress on goals set in your prior meeting. Your Marketing Report is a key tool to help you analyse your marketing and true impact on your business.
Practice Assessment
Your practice assessment will look at 20 key areas your practice should master to effectively track and maximise your marketing efforts and evaluate areas of improvement.
Practice Playbook
Your Playbook will cover things like your brand, how to position yourself and target the right patients. It will look at strengths and weaknesses within the business, marketing objectives, goals and key marketing channels.
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Frequently asked questions

Read through related FAQs to get answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

What happens in the first call with my Marketing Coach?

In your first meeting with your Marketing Coach you will dive into your practice goals, current business and marketing baseline (be prepared to access your Patient Management Software (PMS) for accurate numbers). We consider this meeting a “Discovery” meeting to really understand you and your practice. From this meeting, we will develop a Practice Playbook unique to your business and goals that we will use as a basis for planning throughout the year. You will also be graded with a Marketing Baseline to see where we’re starting from and areas for improvement.

What else is involved in these monthly or quarterly calls?

Our coaches don’t just provide advice but also give you real help with uploading relevant, helpful content that supports your marketing mission. We help you keep on top of your content and making decisions about it. Will you gain the greatest benefit from adding videos, services pages, frequently asked questions, or blog posts or should you focus on boosting your social media presence? Our team can review your performance and provide answers.

Marketing coaching also gives us a chance to help keep you informed about changes in Google requirements that help you achieve higher rankings. Marketing coaching with Great Dental Websites will give you guidance, a strategy, and a meaningful direction when it comes to keeping your site climbing the search engine ranks.

Why would I want quarterly calls instead of monthly calls?

While monthly meetings may feel good, they do not always lead to the changes you wish to see in your practice. It’s easy to punt something to the following month when times get busy. With 90 day meetings, you will have quarterly goals and executable action items that will help you make actual progress to grow your business. It also allows us to see trends clearly and pivot as necessary on each meeting.

Some managed campaigns involve many more moving parts and may require monthly calls, but many practices will be best served by quarterly calls.

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