Websites Made Specifically for Dentists

Most practices re-do their websites every few years. The process is long and expensive, from choosing a new company to going through the website buildout process.

But it doesn't have to be. GDW built software that is updated on a regular basis so your website never becomes outdated. If Google announces a major change to its requirements, we will adjust our software and push it out to all sites at no additional cost.

Future-Proof Your Practice's Website

On the GDW platform, your website will stay modern for years to come. We combine engaging website design with built-in marketing tools, giving dentists the resources to build a strong local presence and foster sustainable practice growth.

Crafted specifically for dental practices of every scale, our platform delivers regular updates that resonate with search engines and patients alike. 

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Custom Designs
Custom design

Make Your Website Uniquely Yours

Sometimes, you need something that was created just for you. With a custom design, you can have just that. You’ll be able to give feedback and combine or eliminate certain elements to create the website you’re looking for.
Play Up Your Strengths
Combine Favorite Elements
Custom Design You Own
Roseville Dental and Implants

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel - Make It Yours

When opting for a semi-custom design, you gain the flexibility to select a pre-existing template and tailor it to suit your specific needs. Semi-custom designs are ideal for practices operating within limited budgets but still want a custom look to match their branding.
Your Brand
Customizable Images and Colors
Quick Turnaround
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The Simplest Way to Get Started

Template designs are perfect for practices with tight budgets or turnaround times. We’ve created dozens of designs you can sort through to find one that best matches your practice without an additional investment.
Included in Setup Costs
Diverse Design Options
Extremely Fast Turnaround

Built-In SEO Features to Enhance Online Visiblity 

Mobile-Friendly Design 

60–90 per cent of patients visiting your website will do so on their mobile phones. The GDW platform ensures that your website is mobile-friendly so it can cater to a broader audience and satisfy Google's mobile-first indexing requirements.

Improved Search Visibility

Our platform includes a variety of schema markup types, such as FAQ, Article, and LocalBusiness, to help search engines better understand your practice and display your content to users searching for a dentist in their area. 

Enhanced Performance

We constantly push updates to keep our sites as fast as possible, enhancing the loading speed of your website on both desktop and mobile devices, and improving user experience and SEO rankings.

Local Targeting

The GDW platform includes built-in metadata that automatically targets your local area based on your site setting. Our bulk upload feature allows you or your SEO specialist to effortlessly update metadata across your site, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Take a Peek Inside

Click Integrations

Easily integrate your 3rd party software booking or patient management software into our platform.

Built-In SEO Features

Update metadata and alt text, or create 301 redirects with ease.

Built for Dental Practices

Every change we make is with dental practices and their needs in mind.

New Patient Tracking

See exactly where your new patients are coming from with the click of a button.

An Impeccable Track Record

We have helped over 900 dental professionals of all specialties create an effective website for their dental practice and develop a profitable online marketing campaign. Many of our customers tried other companies first and then came to us, hearing about us via word of mouth because they want their website and Internet marketing done right this time.









Want to See It for Yourself, on Your Own Time?

Join Jeff Gladnick on our recorded website platform overview, available whenever is convenient for you.  

Want to See It for Yourself

Easy Integration

Your website should be more than a glorified brochure for your dental practice. By integrating your various software, including online forms and patient portals, you can make your website work for you.

Premium Design

Let your practice shine by designing a website that truly reflects who you are and what you can offer your patients. We'll walk you through a process that ends with a website you can be proud of.

Professional Support

Stuck on something? No worries—we'll help you figure it out! Whether you have questions about dental marketing, need technical assistance, or just want to say hello, our support team is here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through related FAQs to get answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

What is included in the platform subscription?
Your platform subscription includes website hosting, all features and aspects of the platform, ongoing platform upgrades, and support and training from our team.
How do you decide what to add to the platform?

A lot of thought goes into each change. Some are required to stay up to date with changes in websites or dentistry, while others are more open to ideas and input. We take suggestions from our team and clients to make changes that benefit all of our clients. You can learn more about the process by watching our video about platform development.

Can I easily update my website myself?

Yes! Our software is easy for anyone to update, even if you’ve never created or updated a website before. In fact, most of our customers have never touched a website before working with us. Every one of our customers receives:

  • Our “Crash Course Training” – We’ll share our screen with you and show you how to make changes to the site and add content.
  • Free unlimited training – Stuck? Call us, and we’ll share our screen and walk you through the problem until you feel confident.
  • Free unlimited support – Completely stuck? Contact us, and we’ll take care of it for you!

Additionally, our clients commonly suggest new features. We usually add them to our platform, which means you get them, too—for free!

Let This Be the Last Dental Website You Ever Purchase

There’s a lot to consider when building a new dental website or introducing new online marketing services to your practice. Luckily, we offer completely free website audits and marketing quotes with no strings attached. 

If you’re interested in learning more about us, digital marketing, or building a website with us, fill out our contact form to get in touch!