Updates: Google and Facebook SMB Grants
Jay Volak

**Updates as of 4/27/20**

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We have recently received some additional clarifications from Google on who exactly will qualify for the Google Ads SMB Credits

Small and Medium Business Credits

Google lists those that are qualified as “small and medium sized businesses globally, who have spent with a Google Ads account in ten out of twelve months of 2019, and in January and/or February of this year. Eligible customers are those who advertised directly with us or through a partner, and adhere to our advertising policies.”

To clarify, let’s shine a brighter light on that statement. The main eligibility requirement within that subset of advertisers is they must have spent on Google Ads:

  • 10 out of the last 12 months in 2019 AND
  • In January and/or February of this year

If you did not spend anything in 2020, you will unfortunately be ineligible. Brand-new accounts as of 2020 will also not be eligible

How Much Will Businesses Be Credited? 

Every qualified and eligible advertiser will be granted one ad credit. What that credit is worth will vary by client. Google didn’t share exact details of the calculation, but instead specified that it’s based on historic Ad spend levels, plus their country and currency. 

Each business is only eligible for one ad credit, whatever that amount is calculated to be. It is issued at a customer level, so multiple accounts or campaign types are still treated as one eligible credit entity. 

We will be watching for these credits as they appear in our client and partner accounts to gleam some clarity around what most businesses can expect. 

When Can You Expect The Credits? 

Ad credits will be granted on a rolling basis starting in May (as previously mentioned here.)

Eligible clients will have an ad credit applied to their account, and then receive a notification of the addition. The credits can be used through December of this year (2020), and will not roll over into 2021.

The ad credit program comes as part of a several-pronged approach the search engine has deployed to help SMBs in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

For the entire expanded list of details, the original Google announcement can be read here.

Facebook SMB Grants Program Update

As for Facebook SMB Grants, the available areas and application process have been updated on the Facebook for Business site on their application guide located here.

If you have any further questions on navigating the maze of updates from Google and Facebook, please contact us and we will be glad to help sort through this with you!

Jay Volak
Jay was born and raised in New England before relocating to Colorado over 16 years ago. Leading our Marketing Services team, his Digital Marketing and Creative background spans multiple industries and lends itself to Jay's "big-picture-strategy" approach to SEO/SEM campaigns for our clients. In his free time, Jay enjoys producing music and photography, spending time with his family and pets, and pursuing his fitness passions in the great state of Colorado!

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