Construct Your Service Page: Clean & Patient Friendly
Jeff Gladnick

Your website is probably the first point of contact that a prospective patient is going to have with your practice. If it is difficult to find the information they are looking for or it is not organized well, they will likely leave your site and move on to the next site in the search results. While there are many components of a site in which you need to consider, I often see people miss the mark on the service overview pages.

Each service that your practice offers should have its own page. Within each page, you can give patients key information, including what this service is and why they should choose your practice for that service. If you have specific philosophies or tactics for that procedure, this is a great place to discuss those differentiators.

Other things that make your service page more complete:

Staff Photos: Put a face to it! Getting any dental work done is, well, pretty up close and personal. Allowing prospective patients to put a face and name to who they may have a procedure done by can make it feel more comfortable before any work is even done. 

Before & After Photos and Testimonials: Give them proof! Show them the results, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Having that photo paired with any testimonials (when possible) gives them the best idea of what they can expect. 

FAQs: While you already provided information about the service, having FAQs lets people know that you are aware of any concerns and questions that could come up, you have their best interest in mind and want to connect with them through this knowledge. 

Calls to Action: Make it easy to take the next step! Having a call to action available in key places throughout the page will make it easy for prospective patients to contact you for more information or moving forward with making an appointment. 

Videos: Videos can be a great way to discuss the service as well as let potential patients start to build a connection with you. Don’t use stock videos if at all possible - these videos don’t have to be high quality or overly produced to serve their purpose. 

We appreciate that every practice is unique in terms of who you are, what you have to offer your patients, and how you want to go about doing that; constructing your service pages to be clean and patient-friendly could help you show just that. Use these tips to prove why your practice is the best for the job! 

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Jeff Gladnick
There are seven dentists in Jeff's family, but he never received "The Calling" – so he did computer engineering instead. He enjoys soccer, golf, skiing, water sports, and spending time with his wife and children.

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