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Each practice is unique in their own way and this should be reflected in their brand style guide and the way they execute it.  Some practices only make it about the visual aspect of their brand, while others include more background information and the tone of voice of their business. Estimate what elements you would like to include to make your guide stronger for both your employees and your patients.

What Is A Brand Guide?

A brand style guide is a document or compilation of documents that outline a brand and the way it is to be presented. This includes both instructions on the visual aspect of the brand and the style of your content. Essentially, a brand style guide is a visual content guide plus a content style guide.

Why You Need One

Creating a style guide helps create consistency across every platform and area of your practice. This regularity contributes in generating trust and loyalty in your patients; the more they see the brand, the more they remember it and want to utilize its goods or services. Inconsistency confuses viewers and makes it harder to create a strong bond with them. Creating a brand guide also ensures that all employees are following the exact image you want the brand to have.


There are many components that are necessary in a style guide. However, some practices add extra descriptions of their brand so that patients can understand the core competencies easier. You can start off with a brand description in a short sum up, and you can add a mission statement (what defines you as a company).  Don’t make these elements too long, instead give a concise image to your employees and your patients of what the brand is made up of. It is important that you define your brand’s voice and tone. You can do this by plainly stating it, or you can imply a tone of voice throughout your brand guide. You may also want to include your practice’s values, target audience, vision, and any helpful descriptors of your brand image.

Logo Design and Variations

logo design and variation

Your logo is an essential piece to your company that helps consumers identify and remember your brand. In your brand guide, specify and display your main logo while also including the preferred sizing and placement of it. You can also include how the logo should not look, so that referring back to the guide is as clear as possible with no room for error. However, practices usually don’t have only one logo, but instead also include variations of it as well with specified times to use each emblem.



Another very important way to give more style to your brand is through the fonts you choose for any writing to represent you. Make sure that the font and style closely aligns with your brand image and the core competencies of your practice. Outline when it is appropriate to use certain kinds of fonts, and clarify when things like bold or italicize are okay to use. 

Color Palette

color pallete

Determining your brand’s color palette will help immensely with keeping a consistent feel to your business. Most practices make sure to keep around 4 main colors to represent their brand, with different hues that stay similar to those of the logo. In your brand guide, show examples of your colors and the way they are utilized. Also, make sure to describe how these shades can be recreated by including things like the color name, number, and print color.

If your brand has any major changes, it is important that you make sure to outline that in your brand guide. These style guides help to show your employees, patients, and viewers the unique aspects of your practice. Take your time to create a brand guide that covers any formatting or design that will be utilized by your practice.

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