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Megan Baulesh
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For any clients, new or old, who have thought about using an account manager, you may have wondered, “What is account management and do I need it?” Our account management services aren’t right for everyone, but it can be extremely helpful in creating a successful campaign and maintaining a beautiful website for many of our clients!

Role of an Account Manager

An account manager is essentially your personal point of contact at Great Dental Websites. They become your go-to person for anything and everything that might come up with your website, marketing campaign, or even any in-house marketing that you might be doing. Your account manager is a resource for you to use in order to make sure that you are doing everything you can to have the best website possible.

Monthly Calls

Once you have an account manager, they will set up monthly call times with you where you will have the opportunity to talk about how things are going at the practice, discuss your marketing campaign(s) if you have any ongoing marketing services with us, and to hear suggestions for ways to improve the website. This will also be an opportunity to talk about possible strategies for the upcoming months in order to bring more new patients into the office and to strengthen brand awareness in the community for your practice.

Having a familiar and friendly contact can make all the difference in the world when it comes to maintaining a website. We all know that time flies and it can be easy to let too much time pass between content additions, or other potential site improvements. With everything else you have going on at your practice day to day, the monthly call is a great reminder to consistently improve the site in order to gain that competitive edge over those competitors who don’t.

Another benefit of having an account manager is that it can provide you with some peace of mind to have someone keeping a close eye on your digital footprint, not only within your website but externally as well. Google is constantly changing what best practices are. In 2017, Google made over 1,000 changes to their search ranking algorithm. With an account manager, you can know that things like this are being monitored. The perk of having more personalized and consistent contact means that you will be the first to hear about these changes and updates.

Find out More!

If you still have some questions as to what it is like to have an account manager, please give our office a call to ask us a few questions. We would be happy to spend some time to help you decide if account management is right for you!

Megan Baulesh
A Denver native and graduate of the University of Colorado, Megan holds her MBA and is a member of the Project Management Institute. In addition to a decade in the Digital Marketing industry, Megan is involved in the Junior League of Denver's Read2Kids committee. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, wine, and playing outside with her daughter, Vivien and husband, Eric.

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