How To Use Your FAQ Page To Drive Traffic
Alex Nuttall
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FAQ pages, though seemingly simple, can provide significant value to your customers and your business. A well-thought-out FAQ page will not only help you answer your customers’ questions, but can also save you time, establish your expertise, and drive traffic to your website.

The Purpose of FAQs

FAQ pages typically consist of answers to common questions that customers may ask about your business. The purpose of an FAQ page is just that - to answer common questions asked by potential and current customers alike. These could be inquiries about anything pertaining to your business, from questions about specific products or services to questions about location or financial policies. Answers to any common questions provide your customers with important information that is easy to access and can provide your business with some benefits as well.

What Can FAQs Do For You?

Save You Time

FAQs are a great way of relaying valuable information to customers and potential customers. They’re helpful to businesses because they save you time on answering repetitive questions over the phone, email, or chat, allowing employees to focus their energy on other matters.

Establish Your Expertise

Customers prefer to work with professionals, which gives the content of your FAQs added value. They see you as the professional that they’re looking to for answers. Additionally, having a list of relevant FAQs makes your business more trustworthy.

Boost Traffic to Your Website

Increasing traffic is another benefit of having FAQ pages on your website. Specifically, FAQ pages are great at targeting traffic from long-tail keyword searches (making up around 70% of all searches), which are often specialized or specific questions. Additionally, according to this article from Moz, traffic coming from long-tail searches is more likely to convert. For example, someone searching for the term “dentist Denver” may be at the beginning of a search for a dental service, whereas someone searching for “six months smiles in 80016” is much closer to the end of their search for a dental service.

In this same vein, FAQs are a powerful tool for capturing traffic coming from voice searches. This is because voice searches are often times more conversational, and therefore, fall into the category of long-tailed searches. Harnessing traffic from voice search is extremely important. This study conducted by Google states that more than half of U.S. teens and 41% of U.S. adults use voice search on a daily basis. At the moment, twenty percent of all searches are done via voice. However; some industry professionals believe that by the year 2020 over half of all searches will be done via voice.

In order to ensure your FAQ is helping your website perform as much as possible, we suggest keeping FAQ answers at a minimum of 200 words.

Alex Nuttall
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