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For clients who are either doing a Full SEO Setup or Ongoing SEO management with us, you may have heard us mention practitioner listings and practice listings, especially regarding Google My Business. In medical fields such as dentistry, knowing the difference between these two is very important. Quickly, these two types of listings can be defined as:

  • Practice Listing: an online Google listing that represents a practice, which houses all of the business’s unique NAP information.
  • Practitioner Listing: an online Google listing that represents an individual practitioner. Google defines an individual practitioner as a public facing professional that typically has his or her own customer base. In the case of dentistry, this would mean a dentist is considered an individual practitioner, but the hygienist would not be. Find more about Google’s specific guidelines for individual practitioners here.

How do we handle these listings?

Recently, Google has changed the way that they want these two listings handled and have become more specific in the way they want these listings formatted.

Within the field of dentistry, the difference comes down to whether the dental practice is a multi-practitioner office or a solo-practitioner office. Before we break these down, it’s important to note that every SEO campaign is different so the strategy might vary slightly for each practice.

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If the office has only one dentist, Google prefers that the practice and practitioner share a single listing. They provide a specific format they want us to follow, which is [brand/company]: [practitioner name]. An example of this formatting would be, “Gladnick Dentistry: Jeff Gladnick, DDS.”

This works well for dentists because it makes it easier for patients to search for either the practice name or practitioner name to find all of the information they are looking for on a single listing. Additionally, it becomes easier for dentists to collect online reviews when there is just one listing.

Multiple Practitioners:

If the practice has multiple dentists at the one location, Google suggests that only one practice listing is used to represent the business that is separate from the practitioner listings. This listing will simply be titled with the business’s name.

Garden Springs Dental

The next obvious question will be - does each practitioner at this office get their own listing? This is where things get slightly more complicated and will vary for each campaign. When the SEO team is assessing this situation, we first look to see if any practitioner listings already exist on Google and if they are ranking in search results.

We want to avoid situations where there are several practitioner listings that are almost identical, as they may end up competing with each other on Google’s search results. If listings do exist for practitioners, there often isn’t much we can do to get them removed. Because Google doesn’t allow for these to be deleted, we make sure they are claimed and optimized, and the URL is sent to the individual dentist’s bio page. If they don’t exist, we very likely will not create them unless specifically requested or we have a very compelling reason to create one.

However, sometimes we work with a multi-practitioner office where each practitioner does have a listing because they specialize in various areas, such as an orthodontist and a general dentist. An example of this would be:

Practice Listing: Gladnick Dentistry, categorized as “Dental Clinic”
Practitioner Listing 1: Dr. Jon Gladnick, who is a general dentist, categorized as a “Dentist”
Practitioner Listing 2. Dr. Jane Gladnick, who is an orthodontist, categorized as “Orthodontist”

In a perfect world for marketers, all practices with multiple practitioners would be set up like this. Using categories that are all different will reduce the likelihood that these listings compete with each other in search results, or even worse, filter each other out.

Still confused about your situation? You don’t have to go it alone!

At Great Dental Websites, we have worked with every kind of dental practice and have several strategies for optimizing your business on Google. If you are interested in learning more, contact us, and we can go over our marketing options!

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