Eight Terrible Dental Stock Photos
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Have you ever stumbled across a website using stock photos that just made you wonder how much that designer had to drink before selecting THAT one as the photo? I’m not bashing all stock photos, they can be a blessing for us marketers and website designers. They eliminate the hassle of having to wait for practices to take custom photos for every little detail. However, in our quest to find the right images for our clients’ sites, we often stumble across a handful of deliciously stupid stock photos. 

So I have decided to, in an effort to take a break from optimizing your websites, present to you eight of the worst dental stock photos. They are in no particular order since I hate them all equally. 

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When she’s not working part-time as a dementor in Azkaban, you can find this cold, dead stare examining your teeth, gums, and soul.

This is the exact look my dentist gives me when I tell them “I floss regularly.”

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Everyone has something to get excited about, whether it’s finishing up your last final exam, visiting friends you haven’t seen in a while, or traveling around the world. However, none of these things bring the same exhilarating energy as a dental mirror. 

Some dentists have to sedate patients for anxiety, this patient needs to be sedated for his overwhelming sense of joy.

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PAIN. DISCOMFORT. AGONY. If you want to market your dental practice as an oasis for suffering, then we have the perfect stock image for you.

A picture of a child wincing today keeps the patients away!


This photo highlights the great lengths a dentist will go to get the job done.  Even while being choked out, a dentist can still perform a tooth extraction. Even if the patient is a re-animated zombie, the dentist will extract the tooth. People don’t often realize the pushback dentists get from patients, both living and dead.

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This handsome fella has what every man wants: high cheekbones, baby blue eyes, 5’o’clock shadow, and ...an extreme case of bruxism. Wait.

They say beauty comes from symmetry, but I don’t think that applies to teeth that have been filed down to create a straight-line smile. Behind this smile is routine crippling headaches, jaw soreness, and teeth grinding so loud that the neighbors have to file noise complaints about “lawnmower sounds” after 11 p.m.


“Ma’am we would all love to hear your live, extended rendition of Sheryl Crows’ “If It Makes You Happy” but we need to act quickly to save your missing front teeth.”

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I’m not sure if this is a stock photo for lip retractors and braces, or if it’s an actual photo of me at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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Finally, the stock photo that literally nobody has been asking for. Viewing the dentist from the mouth’s point of view. Pretending it isn’t photoshopped: would the patient snap this picture with their uvula?

I never fully understood the importance of dental hygiene until I saw these eight-eyed germ freaks that can wreak havoc on my gum line.

If any of these photos really struck a chord with you and you would like to add them to your website, please contact me directly so I can put you in touch with a qualified therapist or optometrist. 

I’m kidding. Kind of.

But really, if you find any other ones that you think would make a good addition to future rounds of “Terrible Stock Photography” then feel free to send them our way!

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