Google Update: Google Guarantee Badge
Alexa Burt

There has been a lot of buzz the past few weeks as Google released a new Google My Business feature that they are currently testing: an upgraded GMB profile that includes a Google Guarantee badge.

What is the Google Guarantee Badge?

The Google Guarantee Badge is a feature on an upgraded Google My Business listing, that indicates that a business has been screened by Google, and is considered trustworthy. There is a monthly cost to the business of $50 ($600 annually) and also requires a background check and further screening from Google. This feature is backed by a Google Guarantee meaning that if a customer is unhappy, they can get a refund from Google on their services up to $2000.

The badge is currently placed prominently on a business listing so that viewers can easily distinguish if a business is guaranteed by Google or not. These listings are currently placed in the top section of Google Search Results pages above the ads, and can also appear in other areas through the search results including the local pack in some cases.

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What does this mean for my business?

While this product feature is currently an experiment, it is only available in the United States and Canada for certain business categories, and is not yet available for any healthcare professionals. 


This feature does however have the potential to increase traffic to sites and encourage more interaction and bookings so our team is eagerly watching for new updates and increased availability so that we can work on integrating this into the marketing plan for our clients. Here you can read more from Google about the screening and eligibility process.

If you have any questions, contact your marketing coach or the Great Dental Websites support team and we'll be happy to discuss this new update with you!

Alexa Burt
Alexa is a native of Colorado with a degree in marketing from Colorado State University. She has a love for history, the Backstreet Boys, and queso dip. When she is not doing SEO, she likes to snowboard, travel to new countries, and explore the rooftop patios of Denver.

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