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Platform Update 

We are excited to share our newest page being released as part of the UI overhaul project. The FAQ page received a new look after collecting feedback from clients and doing some research on dental trends, usability, and best practices.

Check out the changes in our walkthrough!

Admin Page Changes

Formerly, when there was a generic FAQ option/checkbox that users could select to show on every service page.

You now have the option under “Select Related Services” to associate the FAQ to “Show on all service pages in related FAQ section”. This will be applicable to FAQs that are in regards to the dental office, financial topics, and other general information. It looks like this:


If this option is checked, the FAQ will only show under the “Other” category drop down on the main FAQ page. 

Main FAQ Page

This page is now visually more stimulating, placing our FAQs into accordion drop-downs. This is also more helpful for the user because they will no longer need to navigate to a new page any time they want to read an FAQ.

FAQs are sorted by associate services for easy visual grouping.


Below the FAQ drop-downs, users can now find a Call-to-Action (CTA) bar to contact the practice in case a user can’t find what they need.

Editing Existing FAQs

To edit individual FAQs, all you need to do is log in. "Edit" and "Delete" buttons will appear next to each question.

faqmain 1

Like previous updates, this update will be automatically applied to our clients who are on the new UI layout already. If you do not see these changes and would like them applied to your website, please contact your marketing coach or our support team. 

Support contact information:


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