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Building Your Reputation

A well designed and effective website is a powerful tool to have, but it’s only 1 piece of the puzzle. Before patients even find your site, they’re searching Google and other search engines for local dentists. The practice that shows up first captures 30% of the traffic in results, with second and third claiming 17% […]

What Makes a Good Dental Website - Visually?

In 2000, the average person saw over 200 ads a day and advertisers had 12 seconds to capture their attention. In 2016, the average person now sees as many as 5,000 a day and advertisers now only have 8 seconds before they lose the attention of that person. What does your website say about you […]

Creating a Branding Guide

Each practice is unique in their own way and this should be reflected in their brand style guide and the way they execute it.  Some practices only make it about the visual aspect of their brand, while others include more background information and the tone of voice of their business. Estimate what elements you would […]

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