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Platform Update 

After a client survey sent out earlier this year, the biggest feedback we received on the platform was our clients wanting to be notified (outside of email and their Account Manager) when we release new features on our platform. After some brainstorming and research we are excited to share with you our New Feature platform update.

The intention of this feature is to notify clients on the backend of their website when there is a new update made to the platform. 

What You’ll See

Moving forward, when a new update is added to the platform, you will see a pop up when you log into the backend of your website showing the title and small description about the new feature:


The Read More call to action will link to a blog post that will give information and instructions on how to use the new feature. 

You can click the X in the top right corner to get out of this pop up if you are not interested in learning about the new feature at that time. 

Regardless of if you choose to Read More or exit out of the pop up, the pop up won’t show again until there is a new feature for you to learn about. 

You’ll also notice on the admin panel that there is a New Feature button which will link to all of our New Feature blogs available. This button will be highlighted in red if you have not viewed the blog posts for a new feature.

unnamed 2

Once you have viewed the new blog post(s) then the button will no longer be highlighted in red. 

We are excited to continue to release more updates to our platform and are always looking for more feedback on how to improve our clients experiences with their website and services. 

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