High-Value Patients: How to Attract Them to Your Dental Practice
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Think of your favourite patients. They’re friendly, they trust you and value the high-quality dentistry you provide, they pay on time, and they refer their friends and family (who are great like them) to your dental clinic. This is an example of a patient who brings high value to your dental practice.

Higher-cost cases are another example of patients that bring high value. In addition, finding and targeting the patients that need specific, high-end services that you offer like dental implants, full or partial dentures, or full-mouth rehabilitation will also bring value to your dental practice.

So, how do you attract high-value patients to your dental practice? Here are five helpful ideas.

Create a High-Value Patient Profile

What does high value mean to you? Once you decide, you can create a profile of that particular patient that will help you hone your marketing strategies. For example, consider some of these factors when determining which patients you want to target:

  • Geographic location
  • Size of family
  • Age
  • Income level
  • Specific treatment needs

As your focus narrows, your marketing plan becomes more targeted and effective.

Craft the Right Message

Once you have your patient profile figured out, the next step is to tailor your marketing plan with the right message to attract high-value patients.

For example, if you’re looking to bring more significant cases into your practice, you’ll want to let patients know about the high-end services you offer that they need.

This might look like a special offer delivered through social media. Or perhaps you might consider adding a landing page that provides specific information about your high-end dental services. You can use this page to encourage interested prospective patients to arrange an appointment with an easy online booking tool.

Reevaluate Your Website

If you’re looking to target higher-value patients, it may be time to revamp your website. First, look through it and ensure you’ve included enough information about your higher-end offerings with informative and engaging text, photos or videos.

The objective is for your patients to feel confident that you’re the dentist that can help them reach their smile goals. This will help them decide to move forward and book an appointment with you.

So, be sure your website reflects what you have to offer and addresses the needs of all patients, including those looking for high-end services.

Meet Them Wherever They Are

Spend some time researching where your ideal patients hang out online and use that information to target your marketing. For example, this might look like using a special offer for a dental implant consultation in a pay-per-click campaign or creating a Facebook page with specific text or videos for patients looking for information about dental implants.

Finding out where your target market spends their time will help you reach them with the information they need.

Implement the Right Systems

When you spend time attracting high-value patients to your dental practice with effective marketing, you certainly don’t want to drop the ball when they arrive at your clinic.

Be sure you have systems in place and that you’ve trained your team to successfully guide them through the process of getting the treatment they need and want for their smiles. Make sure that your high-end patients feel welcome and valued.

Providing exceptional customer service ensures that your patients have an excellent experience each time they visit and builds a good reputation for your dental clinic within your community.

Refine Your Marketing Plan

Are your marketing strategies helping you meet your goals? Are you attracting and meeting the kind of patients you’re looking for?

Some marketing strategies to focus on might be:

  • Website Design: Make sure your website is updated, relevant, and reflects the personality of your dental practice as well as the services and amenities you offer.
  • Social Media: Consider starting social media accounts for your dental practice that allow you to engage with established and prospective patients where they hang out online. Social media allows you to share information while you’re also building a community.
  • Paid Advertising: Campaigns like pay-per-click can help you target and bring in the patients you’re looking for with specific and focused advertising.
  • Ask for Referrals: Don’t be afraid to ask your favourite patients for their referrals. Once they know the level of service they receive at your dental clinic, they’ll likely want to share it with their friends and family.

Final Thoughts

Working with a reputable marketing agency can help you reach your goals and bring more high-value patients to your dental practice.

If you have questions about marketing or need help planning your strategies, we invite you to call Great Dental Websites.

Great Dental Websites
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