Effective Dental Marketing for Millennials and Gen Z Patients
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Millennials and Gen Zers. These patients are the present and the future of healthcare and the future of your dental practice.  

But what does that mean for dentists specifically? How can you make sure your marketing reaches and connects with these demographics?

If you haven’t focused on marketing for millennials and Gen Z, it’s probably time you started. Millennials are rapidly replacing Baby Boomers as the largest adult generation, and Gen Z’ers are beginning to hit the workforce, which means that health care will soon become a priority for them if it hasn’t already.

The Differences Between Millennial and Gen Z Patients

Defining Millennials


Millennials are categorised as those born from around 1980 to 1995.

Most millennials lived in an analog era before the internet during their early years, and digital technology took hold in 1995. Then, during adolescence, digital connection became a priority for this group, making them very tech-savvy.

Because millennials appreciate technology, focus on your dental clinic technology. This includes your marketing (think website and social media) and the technology in your dental clinic (think modern equipment and an updated clinic appearance).

But be careful! Having a modern website and an updated dental clinic aren’t the only things millennials are looking for. They also want an exceptional experience filled with personal touches and a focus on comfort with a dentist they feel they can trust. Also, a dental practice that gives back and is active in its local community will appeal more to millennials than a dental clinic that is part of a glossy “big-box” chain.

Since they came of age during a recession, the cost of dental treatment is also a primary concern for millennials. However, it can be challenging for dental practices to show pricing on their websites since each patient’s needs are unique and treatment plans vary greatly.

For this reason, it is essential to build value with this demographic by providing education and information about how consistent dentistry protects dental health and overall health and how service procedures can benefit them.

Creative financing options or dental membership plans may also be appealing to millennials. Dentists might also consider offering special pricing or a discount on the first preventive appointment to grab their attention.

Defining Gen Z

Gen z

Those who were born between 1995 and 2012 are considered part of Generation Z.

Gen Zers are often referred to as “digital natives” because this generation is the first that hasn’t lived without the internet or technology. Because of this, digital connectivity is vital for Gen Z patients, as it’s one of the main ways they connect and interact with the world.

Patients in the Gen Z demographic are likely to have high expectations of the businesses and health care providers they choose, as they’re used to having everything at their fingertips. In addition, things move fast in their world due to digital connectivity, and this demographic can multitask unlike any other.

Businesses with a solid digital and online presence are appealing to this group. A website that focuses on user experience and provides convenient options like a digital chatbot or online scheduling will help you reach Gen Zers.

With many Gen Zers opting to enter the workforce instead of pursuing the traditional college and higher education route, another way to connect with this generation is for dentists to bring them into their practices as employees. You’ll find that Gen Z employees work hard and strive to do their best when they feel they’re receiving the best incentives in return.

How to Adjust Your Dental Marketing Strategies for Millennials and Gen Z

So, what are some of the critical things you can focus on when you’re looking to attract millennial and Gen Z patients to your dental practice?

  • Have an updated, user-friendly website. Ensure that your website is optimised for SEO so your younger patients can easily find and connect with you. Also, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly as both demographics tend to use their phones over desktop computers.
  • Engage on social media. If you want to connect with younger demographics, you need to show up where they hang out and provide relevant content often for them to engage with. Keep it fresh and exciting by posting photos, blogs, videos, and articles.
  • Offer creative financing options. Take the guesswork out of dentistry by offering helpful ways for millennials and Gen Zers to fit their dental treatment into their budgets comfortably.
  • Ask for online reviews. Both demographics are apt to look at online reviews when choosing healthcare providers or dentists, so be sure to populate your website with excellent online reviews. In addition, ask your current patients to leave reviews and offer incentives as a reward when they do.
  • Engage with your community. Millennials especially are very community-focused. So look for ways to give back or participate with your community, such as local charity races or events or speaking at neighbourhood schools.
  • Make the digital experience seamless. Both demographics want a straightforward experience when they go to schedule appointments or pay their bills. Make sure that your website and dental practice can provide this and meet your patient’s expectations, or they may move on to dental practice that does.

Consider Hiring a Marketing Team

Keeping up with digital marketing can be a full-time job. Posting relevant and engaging content to build a community with your target markets takes time.

Some dentists might have an employee specifically in charge of posting content on social media or the clinic website. In contrast, others enlist the services of an outside agency to help them reach their goals.

If you need help or have questions about your marketing strategies, your team at Great Dental Websites is happy to help!

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