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Creating Effective Video Content for Your Dental Practice

An excellent way to connect with your patients and provide a great user experience is to use video content on your website. Here are some helpful tips to take advantage of this marketing trend!

AHPRA Ins and Outs: What You Need to Know for 2021

Now that we’re less than a month away from the start of 2021, it’s a great time to review your advertising strategies and make sure that you’re up-to-date with AHPRA regulations.

Updates: Google My Business Changes due to COVID-19

After several weeks in hiding, it seems that previously queued Google reviews are starting to reappear.

Best Dental Website Designs of 2019

As the holiday season wraps up, we wanted to share some of our favorite dental website designs from 2019. I've added comment about why these were our top selections, but they aren't shared in any particular order. #1. Westport Plaza Dental Associates I know I just said they weren't shared in any particular order, but […]

New GMB Features

Google My Business, over the last few years, has become an entity that we must cohabit with as business owners, users of the internet, and humans. And by cohabit, we more so mean we are often at their beck and call, quickly springing to our computers to respond to updates to the Google algorithm or […]

Google+ Pages Being Deleted by Google

Over the weekend, many of our clients received emails that look like this: Though the timing was unexpected, the action was not. Over the last several years, we’ve seen Google start to phase out more and more of Google+ features in favor of Google My Business (GMB) listings. With recent changes including the addition of […]

New Platform Updates: Patient Info Section, Scheduling Systems, and Staff Services

You asked and we delivered! Here are our newest GDW platform updates: - Patient Info Dropdown - After dozens of requests and a lot of research, experimenting, and building, we’re proud to release our “Patient Information” section of our websites. While some of it includes simple reorganization of pages like forms and insurance, we’ve also […]

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