3 Reasons Why Original Content Is So Important
Erica Kushihashi

You’ve invested in a beautiful website, you’ve established your keywords to optimise for SEO, now you’re ready to add your informative content.

You’re headed in the right direction for top Google rankings, but don’t forget – your content is literal gold when it comes to your website. You want it to be engaging, reader-friendly, explanatory, and even fun, but above all else, your content MUST be original to be effective.

You wouldn’t build your house out of the finest brand new materials, only to furnish it with items borrowed from neighbours? No! You want to choose your own brand new furniture that puts your unique stamp on your home.

The same is true for your website. It’s not effective to spend all that time building the perfect website only to populate it with content cut and pasted from other websites. Google won’t appreciate this, and neither will your patients.

Here are three more reasons to create original content for your website.

#1: Original Content Improves Search Ranking and Link Building

why original content is so important3A ranking

We cannot stress this more. Your content is one of the top factors determining your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking, which decides your position with Google when users search for you, and whether that position is on page one. Since most people don’t search past page one, this position is essential for driving your website traffic.

Original content is also going to get you noticed by other reputable publications, resulting in you earning backlinks. Backlinks generally occur organically when someone links to your website from theirs, which not only drives traffic to your website through theirs, but it also grabs Google’s attention, and it can improve your ranking.

To get reputable backlinks, you need to produce content that is worth linking to. This brings us back to the importance of creating original and engaging content that people want to share.

#2: Your Content Creates Credibility

why original content is so important3A Credibility

Having informative and relevant content helps you demonstrate and share your industry knowledge, increasing your credibility with clients and establishing you as a trusted authority.

With original and engaging content, you can begin building a relationship with your patients before they even set foot in your dental practice for the first time.

#3: Gain More Shares, Comments, and Mentions

why original content is so important3A gain more shares2C comments2C and mentions

Once you’re established as a trusted source for information, you’re now in an excellent position to communicate with your audience. Potential or established patients may be more apt to ask questions or comment on your site, which allows you to create a conversation with your community. Be sure to respond to questions and comments to keep the conversation going.

People also want to share great content with their friends and family, which leads to more exposure and even referrals. You might even get the attention of influencers, which can lead to mentions in their content or those coveted backlinks.

Don’t Stop Creating Original Content

Once you’ve launched your website, the fun is not over. Remember, original quality content is one the biggest factors Google considers when ranking your website. So, it’s important to keep creating new and innovative content each month with blogs, newsletters, articles, and social media posts to keep the attention of Google and your audience, which keeps your rankings strong.

If this sounds daunting, consider seeking some professional help. You can let the SEO professionals keep your website fresh and engaging so you can focus on what you do best.

Erica Kushihashi
Erica is a Colorado native and she spent 15 years working in the dental field before joining GDW in 2015 to write about dentistry. Just as she did in the dental office, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of dentistry and changing lives through writing. Erica lives in Denver with her husband, two children, and two cats, all of whom keep her very busy when she's not writing.

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