Why Reviews Matter

Reviews are quickly becoming one of the most influential factors in how potential customers choose your business. One important aspect to note is that not only are people using them, but search engines are also using them to impact rankings. We will talk about how people use them, how search engines use them, and how rules in Australia can affect your business ratings.

How People Use Reviews

Imagine a potential patient searching for a surgery for a check-up and clean, and they type into Google, ‘dentist near me’ and several listings appear. They will likely read some of the reviews to find the clinic that best fits their needs, and has established themselves in the community.

People want to ensure that they are choosing the dental practice that will give them the best possible service for their needs. Therefore, you need to think of reviews as part of your sales team.

Reviews are very accessible, send visitors to your site and potentially your practice. According to Forbes.com, 90 per cent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and 74 per cent say that positive online reviews make them trust local companies.

How Search Engines Use Reviews

Online reviews are beginning to have more and more impact on online rankings, which can affect your SEO efforts. Search engines will rank a dental surgery with more positive reviews higher on organic and local results than a dentist with very few reviews.

Another way reviews impact search engines is as Google focuses more and more on knowledge panels, users will have less reason to visit your site. All the information a potential customer needs about dental practices are right there in Google, and a prominent feature of those results is the overall rating and the reviews. To stand out amongst your competitors, there needs to be several positive reviews.

Reviews in Australia

Australia has some drawbacks when it comes to obtaining online reviews, and must follow the ACCC and AHPRA guidelines. In Australia, a  medical business should not:

  •       Solicit reviews
  •       Incentivise reviews
  •       Promote reviews on social media or a website
  •       Write reviews for competitors

The best way to get honest, favourable reviews is to do exceptional work, look after patients with compassion and they will feel compelled to write reviews based on the outstanding service they received in your dental clinic.